Get out of your comfort zone (again)

I’ve written about being in over your head before and how that’s an excellent place to be. I was reminded of this again this past week as I stumbled upon two things. One was a post by Michael Hyatt called “Why frequent trips outside of your comfort zone are so important.” The other was a non-published post I found in my Evernote that was probably meant for my journal but I must have forgotten it somewhere. In this little journal entry I wrote about being nervous and stressed for the following semester. As I was trying to place myself back in December 2010, I realized I couldn’t even remember what I thought was the stressful and intimidating thing of that winter semester.

How often do we worry or let ourselves feel overly intimidated by a big task or a change in position? How often do we act in fear instead of jumping in to the thing that is way out of our comfort zone?

It’s funny for me to think back to that time and realize I honestly have no recollection of that semester and what I might have been worried about. Sure, I did end up planning a wedding and go into leading my first project ever in a language I was barely functional in, but when I consider all the other things I’ve done since and how that whole experience grew me to be in the place I’m in now… it’s barely a blip on my radar.

Next week we have our Quebec huddle and it’s the first thing I’ll be doing as the Francophone Team Lead in our city. Intimidating, yet exhilarating. This is probably why I don’t run… my job is thrilling enough, I already have endorphins running through my body as I’m contemplating the fact that I can’t believe I’m in this place right now doing what I’m doing.

All this to say: get out of your comfort zone. If you’re a leader, lead your people out of their comfort zone. Stretch them.


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