Doing a Label Mail Merge on Pages (Mac)

If you are someone who can do a mail merge without wanting to swear at least once, I applaud you. You are a better person than I. This past year I delegated this job to Willy when then was not the best option (love them, BTW). We’ve decided to stop using them only because we think it’s become less expensive for us to do it. Also because we’ve found a way to do mail merges on labels super easy.

I used to never manage my MPD addresses using my Address Book app. I had them on TntMPD and then later online at Every time I tried to import the .CSV my computer would cough and sneeze and refuse to do it. It just didn’t work. So today I searched the internets for the billionth time finding a work around on a forum. I did. It was very intimidating looking. Very.

This example is for Avery 5163 label sheet: 2″ x 4″ 2 across, 5 down

Change the dimensions to suit other labels.

1. Inspector > Document > Document Margins > 0.5″ top & bottom/0.25″ sides

2. Inspector > Layout > Layout > Columns: 2 > Gutter: 0

3. Click in the top of the left hand column

4. Toolbar > Text Box > Inspector > Metrics > Size > High: 2″ > Width: 4″

5. Inspector > Wrap > Object Placement > Inline > Object Causes Wrap : 2nd icon > Extra Space: 0

6. Inspector > Graphic > Stroke > None

7. Click inside the box Menu > Insert > Merge Field/Sender Field > Select appropriate fields

8. Inspector > Links > Merge > Choose… > browse to Numbers spreadsheet/ drag on Address Book Group

9. Pages generates a multipage document with one label per page

10. Delete all the Section Breaks separating each label on each page:

Menu > Edit > Find > Find… > Advanced > Find: > Insert > Section Break… > Replace: empty > Replace All

The text boxes then stack into place, ten per page in this case.

I was not looking forward to trying this, but I did. I was using an Avery 5160 so I was even more skeptical it would work. IT DID. Like a dream. In the process I found that with my new refurb mac I had no problem importing contacts into Address Book.

And then as I was test printing them, Willy — his first HOURS as a Mac user — said, “Doesn’t it just work like this?” He basically clicked a bunch of contacts in the Address Book and clicked print.


It worked like a dream. Two mail-merge dreams in one day. The Lord does indeed love us.

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2 thoughts on “Doing a Label Mail Merge on Pages (Mac)

  1. Kay Worley says:

    Thank you so much for this, have spent hours trying to work out how to make our church name tags, so easy with Windows and this did it. Thank you, thank you, thank you

  2. Brittney says:

    Praise the Lord! Thank you 🙂 I was trying to get 762 letters out for our 2nd annual mud run fundraiser for an orphanage in Haiti, run by two Canadian women from Montreal! Your instructions were the only think that helped! I didn’t even notice until I got home you were Christian! We are going to Haiti this Saturday for a week. Please keep us in your prayers!

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