Note to Self: Study vs Personal Study

I started reading Leaders Who Last the other day after getting it for 40% off at the Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference last weekend. The author talked about doing a poll of an audience that was full of pastors. He found out that most of those pastors only spent time with God when they were doing sermon prep. They didn’t really have a personal devotional life.

I can really relate to this. When you spend so much time talking with people about the gospel it can get pretty easy to forget that the gospel is for your own heart, too. A few weeks ago I started doing #SheReadsTruth with a bunch of women from all over North America. I started this because it was a visual accountability for me to be doing my personal devotions. It meant that everyone who was following me on instagram would know whether or not I had spent time in the Word that day. Surely, this is something that could become a way to “show off” but I recognized I was in rough waters with how infrequent my quiet times had become. I needed something a bit drastic.

Since coming to IBS, I’ve noticed the same thing again. I’m spending time in the Word every day, now, but it’s a different kind of learning. It’s information and intellectual, but it isn’t always personal. I need to remember that talking and studying these things are not equal to personal time in prayer and time in the word intended to shape my heart and worship God.

Note to self.


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