“I should have been killed…”

“I should have been killed at that time. I still believe that. But I am thankful that the RCMP didn’t.” – Vince Li.

After reading this quote in this article I couldn’t help but feeling like Mr. Li understands the gospel in a way that I (hopefully?) never will. He understands that before both God and man he owes his life. He also understands he has an illness that, left untreated, could lead him to become fearful and paranoid enough to murder again.

How many of us have actually come to the same realization? We have a grave illness called sin, we also have the “medication” in Jesus. If we stay connected to the Vine as Jesus speaks about in John 15 we can be sure we will stay near enough to the Lord to be able to discipher His voice from Society and from the Enemy of our souls.

I have never heard delusional voices, but I have believed lies that originate in questions and doubts in my own mind. When we are separated from scripture and prayer for long enough, we have an increasingly difficult time understanding what is the voice of God and Truth. Later in the article Mr Li notes that “God wouldn’t tell me to do something bad.” He understands that God would not command him to do anything that contradicts scripture.

Reading this article and reflecting on these truths was a disturbing, sobering, yet incredibly meaningful devotional for me today. I hope I am able to continue to remember that small choices every day can compound into an extremely distructful end if we are not careful.

I cannot imagine the pain and regret Mr. Li feels, now being lucid enough to understand. I trust God will glorify himself in this situation and we will see redemption in this story.

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