The space between hope departed and grace

As you’re back to work and school after Easter it’s easy to forget what we just participated in: remembering a three-day period that changed our lives radically. I am clearly behind in my YouVersion reading plan, but I’ve decided to keep going on this Easter-prep plan. I’m glad I did because this one was basic, but excellent.

“Put yourself in the place of the first followers of Christ who were there at His death. Your heart would be broken. Your mind would be racing. This isn’t anything at all like what was supposed to happen to the King of the Jews. He was supposed to set everything right. Mend what was broken. Restore what was lost. But now, it would seem, all is lost. Everything is broken. Nothing is right. Spend some time today trying to live in that space between the cross and the empty tomb. After hope has left. Before grace has come. Use that feeling to fuel your prayer for someone you know that lives there every day. Ask God to show you how to reach out to them and invite them into your Easter observances this weekend.”

From the The Story of Easter Reading Plan at

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