How Do We Better Engage Using Social Media?

A colleague in New Zealand sums up my thoughts exactly in a post on Social Media.

How do we better engage with those who matter to our local campus movements, using social media (SM) tools?

Before I go any further, those who matter:

  • Involved students.
  • Potentially involved students (including the lost).
  • The University (university staff, other clubs, our general reputation on campus, etc).
  • Donors.

I’m not going to argue here why social media matters, that’s been done by many others. Some of the tensions I feel are:

  • Students are using SM, and expect others to engage them with it.
  • As a man wearing many hats, I don’t always have the time to engage everybody listed above using SM.
  • I want our staff and involved students to engage others with SM; I need to demonstrate that to them.
  • Not all of our staff see the value in SM.
  • The “content” of my engagement isn’t the same for each group.

Read the rest of his post for his ideas on how to deal with some of these problems and add your thoughts.

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