Mobile group chat as a momentum builder

GroupMe. Group messaging across all mobile platforms. My eyes lit up as I saw this.

I’ve been really enjoying the function of group messaging for iMessages, but obviously it is very limited to only the iPhone. This app means I can have a group chat with my whole staff team whether or not they have iPhones. It means a servant team can group text encouragement, prayer etc. A DG can update everyone with how their conversation with their friend went. The 5 women on campus in Quebec could send a group text with encouragement, or prayer etc.

Or, in our case, as we’re launching our campus and have a handful of students engaging their campus – we could put the whole group in a group chat and make sure they know where and when things are happening, send them encouragement, Bible verses,  updates on how our follow-up meetings go. It could momentum-building. The best part is, it’s private. There is a time and a place for public updates, as well as a time and a place for privacy.

Since drafting this post, I had to add WhatsApp to my phone to connect with a student who only had an American number and was using it as a primary phone. In adding WhatsApp, I was surprised at how many students (and how many of our students) already have it. Turns out it also has now group chat as well. We’re looking into which is the best option – obviously there’s no need to get everyone to adopt a new app if there’s one they already have that works.

I’ll keep you updated as to how/whether/if it works.

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2 thoughts on “Mobile group chat as a momentum builder

  1. Brad says:

    I like this idea. Though in Quebec City, few of our students even have cell phones, much less smart phones.

    • Jess V says:

      The cool thing about GroupMe is that it works by text too. Technically it says only in the US but Dave was getting the group chat texts before he signed up on his smart phone. In Montreal it’s almost unheard of to not have even a smart phone amongst students, lately thanks to the cheapness of android phones.

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