Adventures with Facebook Fan Pages (Pt 1)

Last week my coworker James and I spent many hours figuring out Concordia’s web presence. We’re unhappy with our current webpage for many reasons, but two stand out the most: it’s complicated to update & another thing for students to check. We’re also tired of email and are pretty sure our students are as well. We spent a lot of time adding our events and updating our group and then, after spending time understanding the Fan page, we decided to move everything over to it. In short, our lack of understanding of Fan pages made us waste hours of time (here’s more info on the Resources Wiki about the differences between groups & fan pages that I didn’t have until after writing this post!). So don’t do like we did. Here are the reasons we’re going to pilot our fan page as a main source of connection & communication with our students:

  • we’re all sick of email and often we all check Facebook more than email
  • increased visibility as when friends “like” something, it shows up on newsfeeds:
    • on a commuter campus like Concordia club visibility is a challenge, even if we have an outrageously amazing poster, so do most other clubs here because we have access to dirt cheap colour printing, so this helps us be known at least to other Christians
  • we could get a URL for free once we got enough likes (you only need 25). So we asked people to like our page and then secured our URL.
    • it’s viewable without having a Facebook account for those non-conformist students

Once this was done I set out to figure out how to make our page beautiful because I knew we could (see Starbucks). It didn’t take me long to realize I’d need some coding background, which I have a basic knowledge of thanks to formerly being a bored teenager with the internet & a desire for a pretty blog template. However, the easier way was just to drop an image on what they call an FBML (facebook markup language) box. So I made an image in Photoshop that featured our logo (to build branding familiarity), uploaded that image onto my webspace (it has to be hosted elsewhere) and explained what we offered as a club, keeping in mind its’ frosh week and we’re trying to connect with Christian students because we’re pretty much rebooting our whole ministry this year, starting with 5 core students.

Thanks to this Mashable article HOW TO: Build a Facebook Landing Page for your Brand, I put it together in no time. Right now the priority for us isn’t a super interactive site, but an attractive landing page that will give us a positive visual impression. This is coming from a girl who judges most things on their aesthetic including whether or not to buy an iPhone app (I know I’m not alone in this!).

This is definitely not the finished product but I feel like it’s a good place to start, especially considering I have several other things to work on. You can see the work in progress here:

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One thought on “Adventures with Facebook Fan Pages (Pt 1)

  1. Andrew says:

    Looks good. I like your summary of why you decided to create a Facebook fan page, and plan to rip it off wholesale when asked to demonstrate the need for a Facebook page in the future.

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