kick off your social media strategy for Frosh week.

Here in Montreal things are already getting going. McGill is doing its frosh week activities this week and those of us at Concordia are gearing up. I had a conversation over text with Sam who is heading up their social media strategy for frosh week. I was pretty happy when I got a text from him today saying, “I’m convinced that social media can help us immensely for frosh week!”

His hope is to have people know about the McGill C4C twitter account so they could ask questions and chat with them, to be a resource to answer any question immediately. This is also my hope for Concordia as well, though we’re still very much in the building stage of our ministry. I’d love to see us succeed in a Hyatt’s social media strategy (the one we gave the workshop on at #c4cdays). We’re also hoping to use twitter as a way to connect our students and build community as we’re a commuter campus and things can feel very disconnected, especially in the soul-crushing bitter cold of Montreal winters.

So as we’re working out these strategies in the midst of our frosh week, I’d encourage you guys to think through your social media strategy BEFORE your frosh week. I’d love to hear your ideas & what you already have in place to put those ideas forward. You can leave a comment or a link to your own blog post on it.

A couple of ideas/things to keep in mind:

  • What is your campus’s web presence like? Do you just have a “home base” website where people can find out info about you?
  • Do you use facebook to disseminate information? Is this your main point of contact with people on the internet?
  • Does your ministry have a blog & how is it used?
  • Will you be using twitter & how? If not, why not?
  • How do you connect all of the above?
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2 thoughts on “kick off your social media strategy for Frosh week.

  1. Sus says:

    Hi, Jess,

    This would be a good post for the CCC International blog tour. It’s only going on a few weeks more. You can let me know by commenting on the blog tour post.

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