I’ve heard people recommend, a free money management website, for a long time. Unfortunately, until recently you could only sync it with American banks. Mint has gone Canadian, and BOY am I happy. This thing is incredible. I highly recommend it.

You add your bank information, it will import all your accounts with the banks you add. You can also add other finance related accounts that you have. You can create budgets, set goals & it will help you work towards those goals. If you go over budget on an item, it will email you. If you’re using too much credit of on your credit card, it will notify you and give you links on how to manage it, if you have a low balance on your chequing account, it will notify you of that also.

I don’t know where you are on your journey to financial health. If you’re like me and just getting some of these things figured out or you’re working towards a downpayment on a home, saving for a dream vacation, or trying to pay down some debt, I really think this tool is highly useful for all of those things. And no, no one paid me to say this. I wish!

It even has an iPhone app (though at this time, it’s only available in the US iTunes store).


2 thoughts on “introducing

  1. Russ says:

    Where is the link to sign up for the Canadian edition. I can only find a signup page that requires me to put in a US zipcode.

    • Jess W says:

      Unfortunately there isn’t a Canadian edition per se. You have to input an American zip code (90210!) and then it’ll let you sign up & add Canadian banks. I put in the closest zip code to Montreal.

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