brainstorming a new newsletter title

Wanna help me find a new name for my newsletter?

I lazily chose “the jess files” when I started in ’08. Mostly because I loath alliteration in newsletter titles, though I do (oddly) appreciate wit or puns. My aunt & uncle were missionaries in Prague for 10 years and their newsletter was called Czech Up. That’s cute.

Anyways, please share ideas in the comments or  via twitter.

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4 thoughts on “brainstorming a new newsletter title

  1. Terra says:

    “this Jess in”

    do you have a favourite verse? colour? flower?

    “Filed Under”


    Something french.

    these are sort of sad ideas but maybe it will help you think of something WAY better.

  2. aban says:

    and then…find me one!!

  3. Tim Casteel says:

    Just stumbled on your blog while reading comments on the CCC blogference. I think it’s great that you’ve put in the time to share your thoughts/learnings. I haven’t taken the time to do that myself yet. Just my two cents – I think prayer letter titles are overrated – we just put our name (The Casteels) or ministry title (Campus Crusade for Christ at the University of Arkansas) and date (July 2010).

    I like your ideas on the iPad by the way.

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