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I recently had a colleague ask me to clarify a comment I made during the #cccbf. I figured I would respond to her question here, in case anyone else can benefit from the dialogue. Here was my comment.

Your comment: . . .

“I’ve never done campus ministry as a staff or student without it.This is my first year on staff and having an iPhone with the FB app on it has been great. It means when someone is interested in keeping in touch after a “random” evangelism time, I add them to Facebook right away. They help me find them on Facebook, sometimes they’re even able to accept my friend request on the spot as well.

But has it helped my conversations? Not exactly, because I haven’t scheduled time in my week to actually be pursuing these convos and people.”

Jess, do you have any more thoughts on why it does not happen and that you don’t go further with FB contacts with people you meet through random evangelism (or other evangelism, because we certainly do hope that there is more to life and ministry than randoms!).

This is a good question. There are a couple of reasons why I think this might be:

I didn’t have a well-thought out strategy in how to use social media in the context of evangelistic relationships. I’m used to using Facebook for staying connected in friendships or discipleship relationships and so I used it more casually, even though I check it multiple times a day, like I do my email.

I’m still not sure how I would go about developing a relationship on Facebook when our only contact was a “random” evangelism contact. In the past I have added people on Facebook that I met once, but shared a common interest. Our friendship then developed as we shared links, commented on our shared interest etc. In the case of the contacts that I added to Facebook, had I had a specific strategy and time in my schedule to pursue the development of these relationships, it probably would have materialized into something more.

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