getting to know you (Part II)

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(Part I)

It’s been a few weeks since I sent out the email to my 91 people on my email newsletter list and requested they fill out my form in hopes that I would have more information about them, to help my MPM.

I have to say, it was a giant fail.

Out of 91 people I sent the email to, only 12 people responded. Interestingly enough, however, those 12 responded within 48 hours of sending the email, which is much quicker than had it been done by mail. So I guess that’s a meagre success.

The people who did respond were:

  • family
  • close friends (in the 23-26 age bracket)
  • a few surprise responses, people who didn’t seem very involved in my ministry before.

Why do I think this failed?
I think it really has to do with my very poor explanation of what I was doing. I sent a Google form embedded in an email that requested them fill it out so I could get to know them better. I forgot to explain why I was asking for the information and what I would be doing with the information. Maybe this doesn’t really matter, but even my brother responded to my email and said the email with the form embedded looked like spam, and so people who were unfamiliar with the Google form might be hesitant.

I’m debating whether to just let it die and chalk it up to a learning experience, or send out a reminder to fill out the form and a better explanation about what the information is for.

Was it a total failure?
No, I need to admit that it wasn’t a 100% failure. It did help me understand my supporters a bit better. People I already know to be more tech aware had no qualms with taking a minute and filling it out. The other thing that it was fantastic for was getting some very specific prayer requests from people I haven’t heard from in a while. People typically wrote ~100 words in the box for prayer requests, so they weren’t skimpy at all there. So maybe there’s something to learn there?

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5 thoughts on “getting to know you (Part II)

  1. gloso says:

    this reminds me..ahha i still have to reply to ur email! i totally forgot!

    • Terra says:

      I would say send it again with your apologies for not explaining. Insert some “haha’s” and give it another go. Those who don’t respond the second time round you may need to send a paper response form… or more likely you will need to call them. darn.

  2. Russ says:

    This represents a good opportunity. I think the idea of asking people for prayer requests might be a really added value way to connect with your supporters.

  3. Josh says:

    Thanks for sharing. I sometimes wonder how many people read my email updates/prayer requests and it might be good to see who responds when I send it out.

    The only problem is that I use Google Groups which doesn’t allow HTML so much… maybe I’m going to have to switch back to Gmail.

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