What does Steve Jobs have to do with Campus Ministry?

“Probably the strongest character trait of Steve Jobs is his absolute lack of fear. While every other CEO in America, it seems, shakes in his boots at the very thought of not having a good next quarter, my experience in knowing Steve Jobs is that, frankly, he could care less about the next quarter. He’s much more focused on the next five years, rather than the next 90 days. But even more than that, it is his quest to change the world, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish that end even if he risks failure in the process.” (AskTog.com, emphasis mine)

I read this quote yesterday and wondered if this was true of me. Am I focused on the next five years, where I want my life to be, where I want the Montreal campuses to be? Or do I worry about getting through next semester? Or even this summer’s MPD? How would my life & my work be different if I did think like Jobs?

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